SPAA Fringe is aimed at up and coming filmmakers and is comprised, this year, of a series of workshops and seminars to be held around the country. Fringe Hits The Road 2011 offers a unique opportunity for all emerging filmmakers around the country to spend quality time meeting and learning from established filmmakers, TV execs and other industry professionals.

SPAA Fringe, as a two day event, has been running for twelve years and is one of the most dynamic and interactive film events in Australia and has a history of impressive speakers including Rick McCallum, Producer Star Wars; Andrew Mason, Producer The Matrix; Amy Hobby, Producer Secretary and, of course, Peter Broderick, specialist in low budget, digital distribution – who is also our patron.

SPAA Fringe is run by the Screen Producers Association Australia, (SPAA) the industry body that represents Australian independent film and television producers on issues affecting the business and creative aspects of screen production.